Wee Explorers Preschool will provide children with an environment rich in opportunities for developing skills, and for growing cognitively, socially, emotionally, and physically. Children will learn about themselves and their world using real and concrete materials. This learning will also take place through interactive and explorative centers, which will provide play with a purpose. There will be opportunities for children to choose and express themselves. There will be a balance of both active and quiet times. Outdoor activities will also be included in the curriculum.
As a collaborative preschool, parents have several unique opportunities. First, they are able to participate in their child’s first school experience. Parents may gain a new perspective while watching their child interact with peers. Second, parents are able to provide encouragement to other children and contribute to a nurturing environment. Children receive praise and support from many different adults. Third, parents will meet other parents of preschool children to share knowledge and experience while developing relationships and a sense of community.