Wee Explorers is committed to providing affordable, high quality early education to all preschoolers. Wee Explorers will create an environment which encourages learning in a fun, caring way that fosters a high self-esteem in each child. The curriculum shall promote: social skills, positive self-concepts, language and literacy, physical development in both indoor and outdoor settings, healthy habits (hand washing, helping to prepare snack etc.) creative expression and art appreciation as well as opportunities to explore science, dramatic play, music and mathematical concepts.
Long Range Goals for children:
• To develop a good self-image and a sense of personal worth
• To develop the courage to try and fail
• To feel free to think and explore creatively in solving problems
• To be able to persist; to set a task and finish it
• To develop self-discipline, self-reliance and independence to make decisions
• To treat others as important individuals and interact positively with them
• To develop control of physical movements and emotional expressions to help become a well adjusted person
Wee Explorers Preschool
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